The Journey

     The Journey is a process Brandon Bays discovered after she was diagnosed with cancer. Her soul took her on an incredible journey inside herself to uncover the cause as to why her body manifested this disease. She was able to identify the original trauma along with the negative emotions that were stored in the cells and that needed to be released. After going through the physical journey and a few weeks later the emotional journey she cured herself of the cancer. It took a total of six and a half weeks. Over the last several years she has developed and fine tuned this process. Brandon says it doesn't matter what kind of disease, illness or negative emotion is causing you pain or making you unhappy you can uncover the root of the problem and release it through this process. Brandon wrote a book about her experience it is titled The Journey, A Road Map To The Soul. There are two types of journeys the emotional journey and the physical journey.

     During a session as I guide you through the journey you are invited to go within and discover a very unique and precise way of connecting and working with your soul. I will place flower essences in your energy as we go along. This helps if you are resisting consciously or subconsciously or if there any emotional blocks you are having difficulty with. They can help you gain access to your own inner strength and courage to assist you as you move through these areas where you feel stuck or blocked and aren't able to drop down into the next layer of emotion. This helps make the journey process easier for some people.

     The physical journey is a guided visualization where you and a mentor get into a space ship and travel through your body. You allow the space ship to continue traveling until it is ready to stop. Once it stops you and your mentor get out and walk around and find what part of your body you have decided to look at. While you are there you will be guided through a whole process of uncovering the emotions and the trauma that are stored there. You will go through a series of visualizations until a full integration of healing on not only physical level but on an emotional and spiritual level as well. You do not have to be able to visualize through your third eye to go through this process. You will get a sense of where you are and your soul will guide you any way it can.

     The emotional journey begins with focusing your attention on a particular part of your body where you feel some type of discomfort and tying an emotion to it. Once you identify the emotion you feel it fully and allow it to flood through you. This only lasts fifteen to thirty seconds. Then you try to relax and fall through the center of the emotion and discover what the emotion is behind that and where you feel it in your body. You will also be asked if there is a person is associated with this emotion. Then you continue to drop down through each of the emotions until you come to something some people call the nothingness, or the blackness, everyone has their own words to describe this place. Once you drop through this area you come to what is called Source. Source is the word you use for your Higher Power such as Great Spirit, God, Holy Spirit, Peace etc...Next you will go through a whole process of letting go of those negative emotions you dropped through on your way down to Source as well as letting go of what needed to be said to the person or people who caused this trauma. A safe environment is created within the visualization process so you are able to release, let go and heal.

     I will give you a flower essence formula to take home with you. It will take your body a minimum of two weeks and as long as six months to a year to finish the releasing process that was started with your session. Although some of us have the same issues buried in so many layers it may take a few sessions of The Journey work to fully resolve them. For some people the changes may seem so subtle that they don't feel like much happened but over time eventually they will notice positive changes in either how they feel physically, emotionally and even spiritually. You will leave consciously knowing that healing has taken place on some level and that you do feel different. For some people like myself the changes were very profound and almost immediate it was a wonderful experience. The Journey for me was difficult at times, to face the emotions and the issues was an amazing process, because I didn't realize there was such anger and rage underneath issues of guilt, shame and low self-esteem. Flower essences help to keep the emotions in balance. This is why I incorporate flower essences into my work. They help change negative emotions to a positive as well as enable the physical, emotional, and spiritual parts of us make the shifts necessary for healing to occur. Flower essences can help us process our emotions as we continue to release in the weeks and months to come. The one ounce bottle if taken every day as directed should last at least two weeks. If you feel that you need to or want to continue using the essences I will mix up another formula for you. The second bottle would be a combination of different essences because you should have moved through those particular emotions or you will uncover deeper issues of those same emotions. Flower essences help us uncover different aspects of our personality so we can work through the issues that are blocking us from love, peace, joy and true happiness.

     I know my spiritual journey led me to this form of healing because it is another way of connecting with the soul. I began working on a soul level shortly before I went to take this intensive and this was another amazing experience given to me to show me there is more than one way to connect and work with the soul. I discovered through this whole process that in order for true healing to take place we must work with the soul and allow the cells to release the traumas we have stored. By working with this "Inner Knowing" we are able to discover the lessons we are meant to learn from a disease or illness. Because I believe the soul carries our agreements and knows what a disease or illness is here to teach us. It is important to uncover this information. By working with this innate part of ourselves we are able to uncover what we are here to learn from our experiences. Once we have become conscious of the lessons we are being presented with and move through them, we are able to heal on all levels of our being. The purpose of the soul is to keep us on track and to help guide us. If we are to continue to evolve and grow spiritually what better way to heal then by connecting with that part of ourselves that is the driving force that keeps us connected to God?

     The cells carry every memory, good and bad throughout our whole lives even before birth. When releasing and healing on a cellular level the body can no longer hold on to and continue to manifest the disease or illness. Thus the cells are able to release the traumas we have carried and true healing can take place.

     Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey of healing and well being or if you have been searching and not found the answers you have been looking for, maybe this is the type of spiritual healing your soul has been waiting for you to uncover. If you would like to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions you can Call 610-998-2894 or you can reach me by e-mail at

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