Here are some testimonials from students who have taken some of the classes and / or workshops that I am currently offering. I've also included some testimonials from clients who have experienced my healing work as well.

Learn To Develop Your Psychic Abilities Workshop

     After meeting Sandra and attending her spiritual workshop on developing psychic abilities, I can personally say that my life has dramatically changed. It has taken on new meaning in the ways that I think and act. Her ability to spiritually guide people through intuition and spirituality has created a new awareness not only in my life but also in others whom I've met through Sandra. I feel fortunate in having met her and I know that she has been given the ability to heal so many in need of direction and guidance. In guidance, awareness and love for all, E.P. Chadds Ford PA.

     My family and I have benefited greatly from Sandra's gifts of medical and spiritual intuition, and healing. I have also witnessed firsthand her generous sharing of her insights to alleviate emotional, spiritual or physical distress in others. Her workshops give you the tools, techniques, and confidence to follow your own path, and unlock your own gifts. D.F. Aston PA.

     This isn't just a wonderful workshop; it's a road map for your future. G.M. Wilmington DE

Healing Energy Session

     I met Sandra in the mid 1990's through my sister who introduced us. Sandra owned a health food store at the time. At first, I was skeptical of alternative healing. After all, I was trained as a nurse. Conventional medicine was what I was comfortable with. Little did I know at the time what lessons I was here to learn? I listened, observed and then began to witness true healing.

     My sister had a history of developing kidney stones. The day before her last attack she was informed she no longer had medical insurance coverage. The next day when she doubled over in pain we were in a state of panic because she was never able to pass the stones on her own before. They always had to be surgically removed. We decided to call Sandy to see if she had any suggestions. She asked me if I could bring my sister up to the store. Through the use of healing energy Sandra was able to help my sister pass the kidney stone. Just imagine, a single mom without medical insurance. I've seen the stress this has caused many people.

     I also witnessed the healing of my mother. She was a kidney transplant recipient who was doing well for about five years until December of 2000. She began to reject her new God given kidney. In a panic, I called Sandra, like always she was calm, extremely intuitive and right on the money. She instructed us to see my mother's transplant physician at the University of Pennsylvania to let him know about the problems she was having so she could voice her concerns and see if he would take her off of this particular medication. This medication was literally killing her instead of helping her. While on this medication my mother lost over twenty pounds in a short period of time. Both my mother and I thought she had cancer. When we saw the doctor and explained the symptoms she was undergoing he agreed to remove her from the medication. He then said the chances of her going back on dialysis in a few months were inevitable. Well, it's now been two years and not only is my mother in the best shape ever, her lab numbers are steady, her appetite is back to normal and she has since managed to travel to many places around the country. The improvement of her health started with eliminating the immuno suppressant medication and followed by eliminating certain foods from her diet and introducing beneficial foods as well. By changing her diet and using flower essences as well as homeopathic medicines she was able to change her vibration so that her body could heal and rebalance itself. What a gift!

     These stories are only a fraction of what Sandy has done for me in my life. I have since learned Reiki I, Reiki II, and Cellular Healing Technique Level 1. I hope to use alternative healing along with traditional medicine in the future. Sandra has totally changed my life and the lives of those I love. She is honest, trust worthy, and a gifted healer. A.S. Chadds Ford PA.

     Sandra is an amazing gifted healer and I feel blessed to know her. I first started seeing her years ago for my anxiety because the medications were numbing my emotions. The anxiety was masked by cloudiness and depression, induced by the medication. Sandra has been more helpful then any medication or therapist I have ever worked with.

     I would see her once and not have any anxiety for 6 months or more. We have worked through some deep underlying issues that I never even realized were at the root of my problem.

     I took her Reiki class so I could do it for myself and my family.

     I incorporate that knowledge into my skin care sessions. But when people need true healing I always refer them to Sandra. Her knowledge surpasses mine when it comes to homeopathy, herbs, essential oil etc..

    Thank you Sandy for all you have done for me. I am so grateful!!!

                                    K.D. Wilmington DE

Cellular Healing Technique

     Since we know that negative energy caused by trauma is stored in the cells it makes perfect sense that a healing technique would be very effective if it allowed for the release of the negative before the activation of the bodies own positive healing cellular memory. In the practice of the Cellular Healing Technique I have found an ease, a flow and a gentleness that resonates with me and brings another dimension to the energy work I have done in the past. I highly recommend this technique to other energy workers. L. K. West Chester PA

Pathways To The Soul Workshop

     When I got home on Monday night I was kind of in a daze, but a good daze. Almost like I was seeing my reality differently than when I left to go to the workshop. Nothing had changed physically but my mental outlook on my surroundings did. The next day when I woke up, without even realizing it, I was not procrastinating as much, which I find it quite easy to wait to do things with my daughter. Before lunch time while the baby was taking a nap I had pretty much the whole house clean. I couldn't believe it. Usually I'm dragging. I enjoyed what I was doing. Things are just coming to me. I think they were always there but I never realized it because I wasn't paying attention to what myself and my angels were telling me to do. It's so much easier for me to listen to myself and trust in my inner feelings since the workshop. I never would have had this enlightenment unless I learned all of the wonderful things you taught me at the workshop. I am so grateful for your wisdom. I would definitely come to another workshop and recommend anyone to attend. You were very reassuring and comforting and knowledgeable. Thank you very much for everything. I will keep in touch to let you know more about my wonderful progress. - K. G. Landsdown, PA.

     Things are going really well since the workshop. Mostly, I just feel more relaxed about everything in my life. I've been able to let some things go that really aren't terribly important but I thought they were and drove myself crazy about them. I am becoming more aware of my surroundings. Overall, I am very happy that I attended the workshop and I have a much better sense of myself and how I want my life to be going forward. Thanks Sandy - S.G. Springfield PA

     I attended "The Pathways To The Soul" workshop. Thank you Sandy for a powerful 2 days. I recommend this workshop for anyone who is on their journey of "Self Discovery". You owe it to yourself to take the time to go within yourself and find your passion and purpose of life, discover who you really are. Thank you for giving "Me" back to "Me". My journey will be easier. I am now ready for a new chapter in my life. "Abundance is my birthright". - E. L. M. Clifton Heights, PA

     Thank you for sharing with me the experience of your workshop the "Pathways To The Soul". Learning to relax and meditate was very emotional and spiritual for me, and has awakened and brought forth all kinds of repressed feelings.

     Through thought, prayer, and meditation I have found a pathway of honesty to myself and I can move forward making changes through better communication with the people in my life. Soul searching has brought to light my creative side that I have been ignoring in order to deal with everyday life. I realize that I am not who I am without my creativity.

     Thank you for inviting me into your home for this wonderful enlightening experience. I hope to meet with you again for a follow-up to this workshop.- C.A.M. Newtown Square PA

WoW! It just is not stopping! The exercises we did during your workshop are still going...and growing! You said that I would never look at my life the same way again, boy were you right. Anyone ready for a full, positive life change should take your workshop Pathways To The Soul. God bless You! - C. S. Media PA.

     I took the Pathways To The Soul Workshop in early November 2004. Sandy is an incredible person and a wonderful teacher. She guided us through meditations to get answers to important questions that would help get us moving and motivated. I normally can't meditate but without much effort Sandy was able to guide me into a deep meditative state. For weeks I felt happy and peaceful. I would suggest this workshop for anyone who wants to go on a journey to understand more about themselves. It could prove to be the most important two days of your life. - J. R. Springfield PA

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