On this page I have listed some books that I found helpful on my spiritual journey. Some of them may be out of print but last I heard they were being revised and coming out soon. If you are just a beginner or are interested in Usui Reiki and you want basic information the Empowerment Through Reiki book is a very good guide to introduce you to this gentle yet powerful form of healing energy. If you are a student of Usui Reiki and want something with more detailed information the book Essential Reiki by Diane Stein is one you might want to look over. She practices non-traditional Reiki and she make references to wicca. I don't practice wicca (don't know anything about it) but Diane's information about Reiki and how to use it, the format of her book is very easy to understand. She gives detailed information on the history and the uses of Reiki along with the symbols that are taught in the Reiki level 2 and Mastership classes.

Suggested Reading

Reiki and Energy Healing
Empowerment Through Reiki by Paula Horan Ph.D.

The Complete Reiki Handbook by Walter Lubeck

Essential Reiki by Diane Stein

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber M.D.

Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan

Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan

Spiritual Growth Through Meditation

Seeds Of Light - Healing Meditations For Body and Soul by Elizabeth K. Stratton, M.S.

Spiritual Growth - Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman

Living From The Heart - Heart Rhythm Meditation for Energy, Clarity, Peace, Joy, and Inner Power by Puran Bair

Living In The Light - A Guide To Personal & Planetary Transformation by Shakti Gawain

Mudras Yoga in your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi

Healing Mantras by Thomas Ashley-Farrand

Healing With Affirmations

Illuminations Visions for Change, Growth and Self-Acceptance by Stephen C. Paul

Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay

The Road To Healing

The Journey - A Road Map To The Soul by Brandon Bays

Soul Work - A Field Guide For Spiritual Seekers by Anne A. Simpkinson and Charles H. Simpkinson

Anatomy Of The Spirit by Caroline Myss

Wisdom Of The Elements - The Sacred Wheel of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water by Margie McArthur

The Seasonal Detox Diet by Carrie L'Esperance

Staying Healthy With The Seasons by Elson M. Haas, M.D.

Reading The Body by Ohashi With Tom Monte

Your Face Never Lies by Michio Kushi

How To See Your Health: Book of Oriental Diagnosis by Michio Kushi

What Your Face Reveals - Chinese Secrets Of Face Reading by Henry B. Lin

Between Heaven And Earth - A Guide To Chinese Medicine by Harriet Beinfield, L.Ac. & Efrem Korngold,L.Ac.,O.M.D.

Body Reflexology - Healing at Your Fingertips by Mildred Carter & Tammy Weber

Hand Reflexology - Key to Perfect Health by Mildred Carter & Tammy Weber

Stories the Feet Can Tell Thru Reflexology - Stories the Feet Have Told Thru Reflexology - The Original Works of Eunice D. Ingham

Water Magic - Healing Bath Recipes for the Body, Mind and Spirit by Mary Muryn

The Healing Bath - Using Essential Oil Therapy to Balance Body Energy by Milli D. Austin

Your Body Believes Every Word You Say - The Language of the Body / Mind Connection by Barbara Hoberman Levine

The Jason Winters Story - Killing Cancer

The Natural Remedy Book for Women by Diane Stein

The Manual of Natural Therpay - A Practical Guide to Alternative Medicine by Moshe Olshevsky, CA, Phd. & Shlomo Noy, M.D. & Moses Zwang, Ph.d & Robert Burger

The Healing Power of Illness - The Meaning of Symptoms & How to Interpret Them by Thorwald Dethlefsen & Rudiger Dahlke M.D.

Who Said So? How our Thoughts and beliefs affect our physiology by Rachelle Breslow

The Miracle of Fasting by Paul G. Bragg

The Grape Cure by Johanna Brandt

Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management by Bernard Jensen D.C. Nutritionist

It's All in Your Head - The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness by Dr. Hal A. Huggins

Prescription For Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC & James F. Balch M.D.

Prescription for Natural Cures by James F. Balch & Mark Stengler N.D.

Healthy Healing a Guide to Self-Healing for Everyone by Linda Page

Detoxification All You Need to Know To Recharge, Renew and Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind, and Spirit by Linda Page N.D., Ph.D.

Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child by Janet Zand

Chakra Healing

Kundalini for Beginners - The Shortest Path to Realization by Ravindra Kumar, Ph.D.

A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook by Dr. John Mumford

Wheels of Light by Rosalyn L. Bruyere

Chakra Balancing - A Guide to Healing & Awakening your Energy Body by Anodea Judith

Wheels of Life - Users Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith

Chakra Energy Massage

The 7 Healing Chakras - Unlocking your Body's Energy Centers by Brenda Davies, M.D.

Past Life Regression

Many Lives Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

Through Time Into Healing by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

Other Lives, Other Selves by Roger J. Woolger, Ph.D.

Children's Past Lives - How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child by Carol Bowman

Feng Shui

The Feng Shui Anthology by Jami Lin

Move Your Stuff Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter

Sacred Space by Denise Linn

The Essence Of Feng Shui by Jami Lin

The Complete Guide To Feng Shui by Gill Hale

Feng Shui The Book of Cures by Nancilee Wydra

Developing Intuition

Awakening Intuition by Mona Lisa Schultz

Your Psychic Potential by M.J. Abadie

Intuition Seeing With The Heart by Winter

Psychic Development For Beginners by William W. Hewitt

The Intuitive Way A Guide To Living From Inner Wisdom by Penny Peirce

The Psychic Workbook by Craig Hamilton-Parker

Flower Essences

Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz

The Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies by Clare G. Harvey and Amanda Cochrane

The Bach Flower Massage Book by Daniele Lo Rito, M.D.

New Bach Flower Therapies by Dietmar Kramer

New Bach Flower Body Maps by Dietmar Kramer

The Flower Remedy Book A Comprehensive Guide

Flower Power by Anne McIntyre

Flower Remedies Handbook by Donna Cunningham

Working & Healing With The Angels

Healing With The Angels by Doreen Virtue Ph.D.

Angel Power by Janice T. Connell

Psychic Healing With Spirit Guides and Angels by Diane Stein

Angelic Enlightenment by Linda & Peter Miller - Russo

Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue Ph.D.

Animal Totems

Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews

Animal-Wise by Ted Andrews

Animal Wisdom by Jessica Dawn Palmer

     Here are three web sites that I found very helpful when working with animal totems.

Animal Spirits

Spirit Guides

Find Your Spirit Animal

     If you need more information or have any questions or comments about my site you can reach me by e-mail at spiritteaching@comcast.net.

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