Reiki Music

     I find as I prepare my space and myself before a Reiki session music helps me to clear my mind and body. When used during a session it helps the client to relax, release and let go. Reiki music combines Tibetan bells and singing bowls that are used to accent the subtle sounds of the harp, acoustic guitar, violin, viola and sometimes a flute or piano. Reiki music can help raise the practitioner's consciousness. It can raise your sense of awareness. Reiki music can help the client perceive things going on within themselves more clearly.

     I find this type of music is very acceptable to beginners of Reiki healing. Occasionally there maybe a chant in a song but for the most part it is all instrumental. I find the Reiki music takes the client as deep as they need to go for whatever they are meant to experience during that session.

     As a practitioner I have discovered the Reiki music helps me to go deeper into consciousness. It also helps me to stay focused and stay in the moment.

     Personally I like listening to the Reiki music just as I lay down to go to sleep at night. It helps me to relax my mind as well as my body but it also helps me to get to that in between state of consciousness more easily. I say my prayer of gratitude for the day and thank my guardian angels and spirit guides for there protection and directions throughout the day.

     Some of the CD's I like are: Merlin's Magic Reiki, Merlin's Magic Reiki Light Touch, and The Heart of Reiki all by Andreas Mock they are distributed by Inner World's Music. For more information on these CD's and other artist you can call 1-800-444-9678. Another artist I like is Steven Halpern. He has many CD's with relaxing and inspirational music using harps, flutes, piano, violin etc. You can find out more about his work and his music at

     I also like the music of Peter Davidson who has a line of CD's for all different types of healing. There are CD's for massage, yoga, meditation, Thi Chi and many more. They are all relaxing and healing and are great for listening to during a Reiki session. They should NOT be listened to while driving or working with dangerous or heavy machinery. His music is published by Living Arts P.O. Box 2939 Venice CA 90291, phone number 1-800-2LIVING.

     Prior to a session if I feel I need to balance my energy centers I use CD's with specific tones and music to bring everything into alignment. Two of the CD's I use are from the Merlin's Magic Collection they are titled Chakra Meditation and Merlin's Magic Chakra Meditation Music. Another one I like is the Rhythms Of The Chakras by Glen Velez. Any of these CD's will help to rebalance your energy centers helping you to feel relaxed and focused, so you are able to help the client to the best of your abilities.

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