Recipes For Life

Recipe For A Great Friendship

2 cups of Kindness1 cup of Patience
3 cups of Support4 tsps. of Compassion
2 quarts of Understanding2 pints of Thoughtfulness
4 quarts of Laughter3 cups of Stimulating Conversation
Stir all ingredients gently with love. Adding hugs as you go. Share with all of your friends and as well as those in need of a friend.

Recipe For A Happy Marriage

2 cups of Tenderness3 cups of Support1 cup of Appreciation
1 cup of Thoughtfulness2 cups of Patience2 cups of Gratitude
1 cup of Sharing2 cups of Forgiveness3 cups of Affection
2 quarts of Passion2 pints of Understanding2 cups of Inspiration
1 cup of Cheerfulness2 cups of Encouragement1 cup of Faithfulness
1 cup of Respect2 pints of Caring2 pints of Honesty

As you gently stir all ingredients combine unconditional love and don't forget to include some hugs mix well and divide evenly. Makes two servings.

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