Prayer For Help

     Help me Jesus to accept you as my Lord and Savior? Help me to be thoughtful, kind and compassionate to others? Help me to expand my Light so others won’t be afraid to allow their Light to shine forth? Help me to love myself so that I can learn to appreciate all the wonderful ways you try to guide me. Help me to recognize when I am allowing fear to hold me back from pursuing my dreams? Help me to be an inspiration to all those I meet today. Amen – S. Richardson

Prayer For The Workplace

     Heavenly Father, as I enter into this workplace, I call forth Your presence to shine from within me. I bring Your peace, Your grace, and Your perfect order into the atmosphere of this workspace. I acknowledge Your Presence over all things.

     I will make a sincere effort to stay in the present moment and honor the task at hand. I will be mindful of my actions, thoughts and the words I speak.

     God the Father, I thank You for all of the gifts You have bestowed upon me. I give you thanks and praise for everything you have done for me. My heart swells with gratitude and love for all that I have achieved and accomplished because I know without you it would not have been possible.

     I allow Your universal wisdom to guide me and inspire me as I do my work. Anoint my creative expression, my ideas, and my energy with your Light and that I may bestow upon You the honor and praise you so deserve.

     Lord, when I am confused, guide me. When I am weary, energize me.

     Lord, when I am burned out, infuse me with the Your Light.

     Lord through your Divine Wisdom and guidance may I find the answers to any questions that may arise as I go through each day especially when I have important decisions to make. Give me the courage to go beyond the expectations of others.

     May the work that I do and the way I do it, bring hope, light, and inner strength to all that I come in contact with today. May I have the eternal insight to inspire and encourage others to be the best they can be.

     And Oh Lord, even in this day's most stressful moment, may I rest in Your Light, feeling peace and love all around me. Amen.

Written by S. Richardson

Prayer For The Workplace

     God, the Creator of heaven and earth help me to understand the nature of my lessons as I am presented with them throughout the day. Help me to learn from my mistakes so I don't continue to repeat them.

     Allow compassion to flow from my heart bringing a sense of peace and hope to those around me. Help me to see the good in everyone. I call upon Your Light to shine in and around me as I go through the day feeling at peace with myself knowing you are guiding me every step of the way. Amen.      

Written by S. Richardson

A Prayer To My Angel

     I stand before you my Angel friend and companion. I bow before you my Angel teacher and guide. What can I ask of you, what should I say? You know my fear and weakness; You know my power and strength. I ask that you take my fear and weakness, Hold them in the palm of you golden hands. Blow on them with your divine breath; Blow them away so that I am clean and free. Turn them into flowers with golden petals.

     I ask that you take my power and strength, Hold them in you radiant hands. Raise them up to God as an offering of My commitment to the Light.

     I stand before you my Angel, with your sparkling golden light. I stand before you my Love, with your ancient wings of wisdom.

     Knowing together one day we shall stand in glory before the dazzling throne of the Most High. Together we shall hold hands, man and angel, as all creation sings in praise and glory and triumph.

     Victorious in our journey together, Enriched with wisdom, power and love. Together we shall be absorbed into the great Heart of God, United as one in the sweet ecstasy of Almighty Love.

     This prayer is by the Angels through Joe Asterita

Prayer For Healing

     Oh Heavenly Father, hold my hand and guide me. I know you will take care of me and watch over me as I begin this path of self-discovery. I understand there are lessons to be learned during this trying time in my life. I understand it is my responsibility to take care of my body and I accept that responsibility in light and love. I know as long as I stay focused and allow You to direct me I will get to where I need to be in the end.

     I understand this is a tremendous step in transforming my life and the life of those around me. I will accept change without resistance and surrender to the possibilities that exist for me. I am open and willing to accept what the Universe has to offer. I leave the outcome in Your hands. Amen

Written by S. Richardson

Prayer For Healing

     Oh! Heavenly Creator guide me on my journey to wellness and help me discover the meaning of wholeness in my life. Direct me to the proper healing modalities that are right for me at this time. Direct me to those who are best able to teach me and lead me through the healing process at hand.

     Lord allow me to feel Your presence as I go through this difficult journey. I trust You will stay with me every step of the way. Keep my faith strong as I go through the most trying times. Grant me strength and courage when I feel like I want to give up. I call upon Your wisdom and insight knowing it is the most powerful source of healing known to mankind. I am trusting that You will lead me to whatever is best for me as I uncover what is important for me to experience on my road to healing. Keep me safe and watch over me as I open to the possibilities of healing my body, mind and spirit. Amen.

Written by S. Richardson

In Time of Illness

      Lord Jesus, you came into the world to heal the sick and dying, and to endure our sufferings. You went about healing all and bringing comfort to those in pain and need. We come before you now in this time of illness asking that you may be the source of our strength in body, courage in spirit and patience in pain. May we join ourselves more closely to you and trust in our own inner wisdom to give us faith and hope that you will heal all of our pain and suffering in love. Knowing through You we can learn patience and peace. Assist us and restore us to health so that united more closely to You and Our Father, we may give praise and honor to your name. Amen.

Prayer For A Chronic Illness

     O Lord, through the passion of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I beseech Thee to watch over and guide all those who suffer from chronic illness. Grant to us the courage to face our situations so that others may see Your perpetual light shining through us, as a beacon of strength that overcomes setbacks, and reaffirms Your Precious Love for ALL the sheep among Your flock. We are all Your children in spite of our physical situation, and Your Loving Son shepherds those of us who believe. Grant us the spiritual and mental strength to endure so that we may live in Your Divine Shadow. In the name of Jesus Christ, King of Kings, please hear and bless this prayer O Heavenly Father. Amen

The Gift Of A Child

     Dear God, I thank You for the gift of this child to raise, this life to share, this mind to help mold, this body to nurture, and this spirit to enrich. Let me never betray this child's trust, dampen this child's hope, or discourage this child's dreams. Help me, dear God, to help this precious child become all you mean him to be. Let your grace and love fall on him like gentle breezes and give him inner strength and peace and patience for the journey ahead.

Written by Marian Wright Edelman

Prayer To Welcome a New Baby Into A Family

     Dear God, the source of all life, thank you for this wonderful blessing you have bestowed upon me and our family. Give me the guidance necessary to direct and teach this child without stifling his / her creativity and self-expression. Help me to encourage this child to pursue their dreams and aspirations without criticism or judgment.

     Thank you Heavenly Father for the lessons you are presenting to me through the process and responsibilities of raising this child. I pray for guidance when I need it as well as inner strength and courage during difficult times. Most of all grant me patience when I'm over stressed. Help me to be the best parent and guardian possible for this child.

     Thank you for this opportunity to help a soul gain wisdom and knowledge through their evolutionary process. Amen.

Written by S. Richardson

Prayer For Children Going To School

     A new adventure awaits them as they prepare for school. Excitement for new possibilities and fear of the unknown mingle in their hearts. Thoughts of achievement and failure slow their footsteps. Bless all children this day, O God. Give them inquiring and discerning hearts, courage to persevere in all they undertake, the gift of joy and wonder in all things, laughter and love to share with all, and sure and certain knowledge of your unfailing love. Amen.

The Lord's Prayer

     A translation directly from Aramaic into English (rather than from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English)

     O cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration! Soften the ground of our being and carve out a space within us where your Presence can abide. Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered to bear the fruit of your mission.

     Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with your desire. Endow us with the wisdom to produce and share what each being needs to grow and flourish.

     Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us, as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes. Do not let us be seduced by that which would divert us from our true purpose, but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment.

     For you are the ground and the fruitful vision, the birth-power and fulfillment, as all is gathered and made whole once again.

September 11th Prayer

     Lord, help us to use this tragedy to see beyond our divisions of religion, race, and nationality and to embrace our common humanity. May we learn to see that of you in our neighbors, and even in our enemies? May love overcome hate, peace overcome violence, and faith overcome despair? Amen - Beliefnet member Ed

Prayer For Those In Mourning

     Most loving God, you know the pain and sorrow of death; mercifully hear my prayer for it is I who mourn the death of my beloved. The nights are lonely and the days are too long. Comfort me and bring an end to the days of tears? Bless me and bring an end to my days of sorrow? Renew me with the joy of life and bring to an end my days of mourning? Let the bond of love which you have for your people be the foundation of their hope that love never ends and that precious moments with my beloved are forever held dear in my heart. Amen.

At The Start of The Day

     This is another day, O Lord. I know not what it will bring forth, but make me ready, Lord, for whatever it may be. If I am to stand up, help me to stand bravely. If I am to sit still, help me to sit quietly. If I am to lie low, help me to do it patiently. And if I am to do nothing, let me do it gallantly. Make these words more than words, and give me the Spirit of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer For Divine Guidance

     Keep me in Your presence and I will take the time to meditate and pray today.

     Help me to keep an open mind and sustain me in Your peace.

     Help me to walk with an open heart and Let go of the fear of judgment from others.

     I give You thanks and praise for all You have done for me. I appreciate Your guidance and protection as I go through each day.

     Help me to hear Your words of wisdom as I am confronted with decisions to make today? I will try to be more consciously aware of my thoughts and actions as I go through my day. Amen - Written by S. Richardson

Nurse's Prayer

     May I be a nurse, Lord, with gentle, healing hands, who always speaks with kindness, who cares and understands.

     And while I'm serving others As You would have me do. Please help me to remember that I'm truly serving You? Author Unknown

Prayer For Lonely People

     Loving God, there are times in life when there is no one, no one with whom to share a word, a laugh, a gentle touch, a fond memory, a warm embrace. Bless each one of those souls who suffers from such loneliness. Enrich their life with a friend, someone who will spend a moment noticing and caring. Someone who allows Your love to shines through, then the world is reborn, and the love of Jesus is awakened in their heart. Amen. - S. Richardson

Lord's Prayer for the Military Wife

     Lord, Grant me the greatness of heart to see, the difference in duty and his love for me. Give me the understanding to know, that when duty calls he must go. Give me a task to do each day, to fill the time when he is away, and Lord, when duty is in the field, please protect him and be his shield?- Author Unknown

Prayer for Fire Fighters

     Merciful Father in heaven, look down with Your love upon all those who protect us and ours from the ravages of fire and smoke. Grant each of them the courage and skills to carry out their duties efficiently and safely. When they must go into the face of danger, be by their side in the smoke and flames. Protect them from harm and bring them home safely. Watch over their families, ever reminding them that those who fight fires are also in Your loving care. This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen. - Author Unknown

Prayer for Police Officers

     Almighty God we pray to you in heaven up above. Watch over our dear police officers and protect them with your love.

     Please guide them as they keep us safe both day and night? Hold them firmly in your care should danger come their way.

     Give them true strength and courage as they serve until duty's end. And one more thing I have to ask dear Lord protect their family and their friends too?

Prayer for Police Officers and Fire Fighters

     Almighty God we ask you to guide and protect every fire fighter and police officer. Keep them safe and watch over them as they protect us from harm.

     Take them firmly by the hand should danger come their way and lead them to safety.

     Grant each of them inner strength and courage as they are called to duty. In their most challenging times give them faith to carry them through.

     Bring them home safely to their family and friends at the end of each day.

     We give you praise and thanks dear Lord for your help and courage to see them through.

Prayer for a Divorced or a Separated Person

     Father, I belong to you. I place myself in Your hands and acknowledge You as Master and Lord of my life. Grant me the gift of a forgiving heart and cleanse me of any anger, hostility, or revenge. Heal my hurts and teach me to rely on Your love. Grant me wisdom of heart and strengthen me by Your grace to move on in faith, in trust, and in love. Give me the courage to open up my heart to another who is worthy of my love. For I know as long as I surrender to Your Divine Plan You will take care of all of my needs. Thank you, Lord, for Your love and guidance in my life. Amen

Infertility Prayer

     Thank you, Lord for all the blessings you have bestowed upon us in our lives. Help us uncover the lessons as I face the challenges of infertility. I pray that we can surrender ourselves into your hands. Knowing this difficult time is part of Your Divine plan. Let me accept the reality of this situation and have the wisdom and courage to take action where I can. Strengthen our body, minds and spirits to endure the trials of infertility.

     We understand when the time is right You will present us the answers and directions we need in order to conceive a child. We understand that You know what it best. Give us the fortitude and inner strength to work through the challenges necessary for our spiritual growth and evolution. Keep us ever mindful of the needs of others and grant us Your peace. Amen.

We Are One Prayer

     I pray we, all children of God, no matter our path to enlightenment, come to realize that we are one in the eyes of Our Lord. We may walk our own paths, but we are not alone, we seek to find that connection we all long for, the connection to our Creator. From our individual perspectives, be we Pagan, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Taoist, Catholic or Hindu, are the same. I pray that we all feel the love of our Creator(s) and by example learn to see each other as brothers and sisters, allowing the boundary lines of religion to fade away. May the Lord and Lady bless you all. Sending peace and love to everyone who is open to accepting these gifts from the Universe. May you always have enough, and may you give enough in return. Blessed Be. Amen - Author Unknown

Spouses' Prayer

     Lord Jesus, grant that I and my spouse may have a true and understanding love for each other. Grant that we may both be filled with faith and trust. Give us the grace to live with each other in peace and harmony. May we always bear with one another's weaknesses and grow from each other's strengths. Help us to forgive one another's failings and grant us patience, kindness, cheerfulness and the spirit of placing the well-being of one another ahead of self.

     May the love that brought us together grow and mature with each passing year. Bring us both ever closer to You through our love for each other. Let our love grow to perfection. Amen

Dieter's Prayer

     Dear God, Today I am ready to make a change for my well being. I am willing to make food choices that nurture my body, mind and soul. I am ready to take care of my body. I am open to change in all areas of my life, Lord. I am ready to listen to You and Your words of wisdom. Empower me to love myself for who I am. Teach me to respect and honor myself. I ask for inner strength each day as I move forward on this journey toward wholeness!

      Show me the proper exercise program that will help strengthen my body and that will enable me to change the way I look at food. Show me, the way as only You can. Show me what will work for me, what is best for my body, what is healthy for me. Help me to think positive thoughts, as I work through stress, Lord -- Teach me to feed my body what is truly nourishing, foods that help heal my mind, body and spirit. Help me to nurture my soul with the Bread of Life -- You! I will take responsibility for the food choices I make each day. Today I place my success in Your hands. Amen

Prayer For Overeating

      Today I pray for all people everywhere who struggle with overeating including myself. Have mercy on all of us who eat to excess, Lord.

     Give each of us grace and wisdom of spirit to reach out to each other who are caught in a cycle of overeating. Give us the inner strength and determination to exercise. Help us to get in shape so we may enjoy life more fully? Help us to not pass judgment on one another, allow compassion, love, and mercy, to shine forth from each of us.

     Guide me to those in need of encouragement as they struggle on their weight loss journey. Help me to reach out to those in need of support. Help us to substitute the food we use to fill the emptiness we feel with Your unconditional love and light. Make us one in You, God, no matter what our size.

     May we lift one another up with chants and prayers every day, and lift a hand to help whenever we see a need. Gather to Your heart all who love You and need Your power at work in them. Have mercy on us, and forgive us. Amen. S. Richardson

Keep Us From Pettiness

     Keep us, O God, from pettiness; let us be large in thought, in word, in deed. Let us be done with faultfinding and leave off self-seeking. May we put away all pretenses and meet each other, face to face, without self-pity and without prejudice. May we never be hasty in judgment and always generous. Let us take time for all things; make us to grow calm, serene, gentle. Teach us to put in action our better impulses-straightforward and unafraid. Grant that we may realize it is the little things of life that create difficulties; that in the big things of life we are as one. Oh, Lord, let us not forget to be kind. Amen. - Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots

Prayer For Those Suffering With Addiction

     Dear God, Thank you for this day. Help me to stay clean of __________________(addictive substance), just for this day. Help me to recognize your hand in all things. Thank you for the blessings I understand and the ones I don't. Thank you for the miracles I see and the ones I don't. Thank you for your spirit who always abides in me. I ask that I may be with your spirit today. Cleanse my mind of all darkness and fill it with love and light. Let me be o.k. with this day no matter what it brings. Thank you for everything that's in my life and everything that's not. Amen

Prayer For Those Suffering With Addiction

     Oh God, We ask for your help to assist those souls who are battling addiction. Free them from the pain and suffering they are trying to mask with drugs and alcohol. Each day give them the inner strength to face their challenges with an open heart. Give them the courage to confront their fears. Help them to make the right choices that will lead to a better tomorrow. Amen - S. Richardson

Prayer For The Day

      Day by day, dear Lord of you Three things I pray: To see you more clearly, To love you more dearly, To follow you more nearly, Day by day. - St. Richard of Chichester

Child's Bedtime Prayer

     Now I lay me down to rest. God guard my little nest? Like the wee bird in the tree, Heavenly Father, care for me? Above, below, and round about please keep all evil spirits out? Bless those I love, and bless me too? Dearest Lord, I love you!

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