Planting A Garden

Gardening Tips

Plant Three Rows Of Peas:

1. Peace of mind

2. Peace of heart

3. Peace of soul

Plant Five Rows Of Squash:

1. Squash gossip

2. Squash indifference

3. Squash grumbling

4. Squash selfishness

5. Squash negative attitudes

5. Squash hatred

5. Squash envy

5. Squash evil behavior

Plant Seven Rows Of Lettuce:

1. Lettuce be faithful

2. Lettuce be mindful of our actions

3. Lettuce be kind

4. Lettuce be patient

5. Lettuce truly love one another

6. Lettuce be compassionate

7. Lettuce inspire those around us

8. Lettuce show gratitude

No Garden Grows Without Turnips:

1. Turnip for meetings

2. Turnip for service

3. Turnip to help one another

Plant Seeds

Plant seeds of encouragement

Plant seeds of wisdom

Plant seeds of confidence

Plant seeds of respect for ourselves and others


Cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships

Cultivate peace of mind

Cultivate inner wisdom

Cultivate self acceptance

Cultivate meaningful and lasting friendships

Cultivate honesty

Cultivate understanding

Cultivate deep spiritual beliefs

In Our Garden We Must Have Thyme:

1. Thyme for each other

2. Thyme for family

3. Thyme for friends

4. Thyme for meditation

5. Thyme for taking care of ourselves

6. Thyme for showing gratitude

7. Thyme for nurturing our spirit

8. Thyme for contemplation

To Conclude Our Garden We Must Take Time To Weed:

Weed out hatred

Weed out lies

Weed out anger

Weed out jealousy

Weed out greed

Weed out envy

Weed out resentment

Weed out bitterness.

Weed out guilt.

Weed out shame.

Water freely with patience and cultivate with love. When you are mindful of what you plant in your garden the harvest will be plentiful. There is great abundance to be gained by tending a garden. The key to remember is the more effort you put into caring for a garden the more surprises you will encounter. You will reap much more than you have sown.

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