My Spiritual Journey

     I was born and raised Catholic. In my family I am the oldest of three children. I attended 8 years of Catholic grade school. Then my parents transfered me to a public high school. My husband and I got married in February 1972. We have been married for 36 years. We have two grown children and one granddaughter. We have lived in Pennsylvania all of our lives. We owned a health food store for six and a half years. I managed the business and our daughter worked part time to give me a hand. It was something we enjoyed but competition drove us out of business. I knew it was time to move on to let it go because I was moving in a different direction.

     A short time after opening my shop someone came in and asked me if I knew anything about Reiki. I had never heard of Reiki. I was clueless about this subject.

     This person was a Reiki Level 2 and she offered my husband a free session so he could experience it. He came home and said to me, "You've got to learn how to do this. It was great!" The following week she came into my shop again and offered me a free session so I could see what it was like. Throughout the session I felt very relaxed. But nothing was drawing me to learn how to use this energy. This women was very thoughtful and kind to both my husband and I.

     About two months later another women came into my store. She began talking about Reiki. She wanted to post flyers for Reiki classes on my bulletin board and we struck up a conversation. We really hit it off. A few weeks later I was putting together a health fair. I was looking to promote my business and help practitioners promote themselves while assisting the customers, by talking about what they do and demonstrating how they do it. I was making phone calls to see who would be interested in coming and interacting with the customers. I was able to put together several people with different backgrounds offering services like reflexology, chiropractic, acupuncture, and flower essence therapy. I was looking for practitioners trained in different forms of natural healing. As I was making these phone calls Maria's name kept popping into my thoughts. So I called her to see if she would be interested in attending the health fair and offering short 5 or 10 minute sessions on customer so they could experience what Reiki feels like. She was so excited and couldn't wait to come.

     When the health fair was over Maria told me as a thank you she wanted to offer me a complete total body Reiki session for inviting her to participate in this event. She called me a few days later to book my appointment.

     After arriving for my session I got on the table and Maria stood to the left of me and I could feel strong waves of energy flowing up and down my body. I thought to myself WOW she hasn't even touched me yet. Every where she placed her hands I was seeing colors like emerald green and deep purple swirling and intertwining together. It was the most wonderful spiritual experience I had ever had up until that point in my life. When the session was completed I was convinced I needed to learn how to do this. She said she had a Reiki level one scheduled in two weeks. I said, "Sign me up!"

     I took the Reiki level 1 class in the spring of 1994. During the Reiki Level 1 class I could see the emerald green and deep purple colors intertwining again as Maria was giving me my attunement. For months after the attunement all I would have to do is close my eyes and the colors were still there. It was amazing.

     About two weeks after my first attunement my husband had a migraine headache. He took an over the counter pain medicine and went to bed. I went to check in on him about a half hour later. He complained his headache was getting worse and asked me to do some Reiki on him. Lying down on the bed next to him I put my hands on his temples and began to focus on the Reiki energy. I began to have this thought Cerato a Bach Flower Essence. I knew what it was because I had just put the display of Back Flower Essences on the shelf in my shop two weeks earlier. I was thinking in my head what are the chances we have that flower remedy here at home? I went and looked in the cabinet and sure enough it was there. I gave him a few drops under his tongue. Lying back down I put my hands back on his temples and continued to focus on the Reiki energy and the name of a homeopathic remedy kept coming into my thoughts. I thought to myself we have a kit of homeopathic remedies but what are the chances we have that particular one? I went into the case and there it was. I pulled out a book on homeopathic remedies and just out of curiosity I looked up this particular remedy and it not only described the type of headache along with all the symptoms but the emotional issues related to the onset of the headache. I gave him five pellets under his tongue. Placing my hands on his temples again and waiting another ten minutes I asked him how he was feeling? He said, "It's gone!" "My headache is gone." I thought to my self what just happened how did I do that? From that point on when I was working with the Reiki energy the names of flowers would come into my thoughts. I would write them down and after the healing session was complete. I would have the client read over the list and go over the material explaining what emotional issues the flower essences would help them resolove. After going over the information some clients would say this describes me perfectly. Some would say my best friends don't even know this is how I feel.

     Now I have over 1200 singles and blends of different flower essences. I mix personalized formulas for clients. I use flower essences for myself and my family all the time. It's a nice natural way to change negative emotions to a positive. They help the body to release stress and dis-ease that contribute to the unrest we all experience every day. Everyone is constantly in a state of growth and change on some level. Flower essences help us move more easily through transition and growth. They help us relinquish ties to unhealthy emotions and free us to expand our consciousness. They transform our energy so we are better able to make the changes necessary for healing to take place.

     I took the Reiki level 2 class one year later in the spring of 1995. Shortly after this attunement I found as I was working on clients a list of herbs, supplements, essential oils and foods to eat and foods to avoid would come into my thoughts. Over the years clients reported that following these guidelines helped them to continue the healing process long after the Reiki session ended. Food works as fuel for our bodies. When we consume the right foods that resonate with our energy we feel better. Aromatherapy works with vibration as well. By stimulating the olfactory system of the body the scent of the oil raises the body's vibratory rate. When we work to keep the body's vibration up that helps the cells to resist dis-ease and illness. The scents of essential oils can not only work to raise our mood but they can stimulate the immune system as well. The use of essential oils and herbs are noted in the Bible as sources of healing. They have been used for centuries by many different cultures. Herbs are one of the most commonly used forms of healing. The body recognizes them as food. They work to nourish the body as well as stimulate healing.

     Not long after my Mastership attunement which was in October of 1996 I kept hearing in my head It's time to do the readings. I kept asking what readings? Tarot cards kept coming at me from all directions. I tried to learn them but was not able to memorize all of their meanings. After struggling with this for a few months this voice in my head said very loudly just sit down be quiet and we'll tell you what to say. I decided to put a sign up sheet on the counter at my shop. If anyone signed up over the next 3 days I would try it. Of course I was thinking nothing was going to happen. But as usual the Universe made it happen. Within three days five people had signed up. I was very nervous but I did sit quietly and tell each of these people what I was sensing and any thoughts that were coming into my head. One of those people I read that night was a teenage boy. His mother wanted him to experience it and felt maybe it would help him with some concerns he had about his life. I will never forget when he walked out of the room he said to his mother, "If I hadn't witnessed it with my own eyes and ears I wouldn't have believed it." "How did she know so much about my personal, life things I hadn't told anyone?" That gave me the confidence to continue with the work I was being directed to do.

     The one major lesson I learned through my process of working with the Reiki Energy is trusting. Learning to trust in myself and the information that is available to me to help those in need. I had a very difficult time with trust before I was attuned to the Reiki energy. I learned the more I was willing to trust just a little I would get the confirmation very quickly that I made the right decision no matter what the situation. The more I trusted in the guidance I was being given the faster my spiritual journey progressed.

     I have taken numerous healing energy classes over the years. I have my Reiki levels 1 & 2 along with the Mastership, I am an IET Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, and I am a Master Instructor of the Cellular Healing Technique and the Master Teacher of the Christ Consciousness Healing Energy Work.

     I am offering several classes and workshops at the West Chester Wellness Center and my home. Look over the schedule and if you are interested in moving forward on your spiritual journey I am sure at least one of the classes or workshops listed will get you moving to the next level of spiritual awakening.

     If you would like to sign up for any of the Usui Reiki classes or any of the other workshops I am offering or if you need more information you can call me Sandra Richardson at 610-998-2894 or you can reach me by e-mail at

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