IET Integrated Energy Therapy

     This type of spiritual energy healing targets points on the body where we hold negative emotions on a cellular level. By pushing on these points and focusing on releasing the negative emotion associated with this area and replacing it with a positive affirmation, changes begin to occur. The releasing and integrating process can take up to two weeks. This is a very powerful form of energy healing.

     I believe negative emotions are behind every disease and illness. When you work on this level everything changes. You as the client usually donít relive the trauma or pain that is being released. The practitioner does the visualizations and putting in the positive affirmations. This allows you to integrate the healing energy of the angels and brings more white light into all of your cells. This raises the bodies vibration so releasing can take place on all levels throughout the body. People usually experience a state of inner calmness and peace during and after a session.

     If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment you can call Sandra Richardson at 610-998-2894 or e-mail her at

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