Distance Healing

     Through the use of sacred symbols, Reiki can be transmitted to anyone, anywhere. Distance healing is achieved by using these sacred symbols as part of a Reiki session. Distance healing uses visualization techniques while staying focused on the recipient at the same time. You must be a Master teacher or a level two student of Usui Reiki to be able to transmit this energy to someone who is not able to be physically present for their scheduled appointment.

     In most cases the person on the receiving end can feel some movement and energy infusion if they are able to allow themselves to become quiet and still as the work is being done. Most clients say they definitely feel better after a session and that over time things in their lives have changed for the better. It has been my experience as the practitioner the client doesn't have to believe in the distance healing process for it to be effective. They just need to be open to receiving it even thought they don't understand what is happening.

     Distance healing can be used on children and adults as well as pets. It can be used to help balance the body after surgery or an injury. It can also be used to move through emotional blocks as well. I believe emotional healing is required in order to heal physical pain and discomfort. Most physical impairments require emotional healing and releasing. Distance healing can help to let go of issues we have been holding on to that keep us from living our lives to the fullest.

     I incorporate several different therapies and techniques into a distance healing session. They all work with vibration and visualization and will address what needs to be worked on at the time of the appointment. Flower essences are a part of most of the work I do and I make use of their healing properties during a distance healing session.

     If you have any questions or need more information you can call 610-998-2894 or you can send an e-mail to spiritteaching@comcast.net.

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