Clearing Your Space

     Are you planning on buying a new home or starting a new business or investing in real estate? Houses and buildings inherit energy from previous occupants so itís always a good idea to cleanse the home or building of unwanted energy before even moving the first piece of furniture in. Even a new home can have negative energy hanging around.

     Are you a real estate agent trying to sell a house or business and can't get a nibble on a property? Maybe there are some negative energies lingering around that potential clients are picking up on that you are not aware of. Some people are more sensitive to these subtle energies than others.

     If the home or building has a history of conflict, disturbing behavior, mean and unreasonable occupants these negative energies leave an imprint within the walls of the establishment. Unless these negative energies are cleared and put to rest anyone who tries to live or work within this space will meet with the same feelings of unrest. This can create unhealthy lifestyle, lack of energy, lack of motivation, even anger and combative behavior without realizing it is due to the environment. These subtle energies can prey on our health and mental wellbeing without us even knowing it.

     If you feel any or all of these conditions in your home or work place then most likely negative energy has settled into this space.

     * Is your home or work place uncomfortable?

     * Does the energy feel heavy or distrubing in any way?

     * Are you able to relax and feel safe in your home or office?

     * Are you able to get restful sleep at night?

     * Do you feel angry, impatient, restless or uneasy for no apparent reason?

     * Does your house have areas that feel much colder than the rest of the home?

     * Do you hear noises like foot steps, or doors opening and no one else is in the house but you?

     * Do you feel like someone is watching you and no one is there (that you can see)?

     * Do you notice when you are outside of your home or office you feel fine but when you return you feel more negative emotionally?

     * Do you notice other memebers of your family feeling uneasy, nervous, or changes in their disposition since moving into this space?

     If you answered yes to at least 3 of these questions then you most likely need a house or business clearing. While a clearing is going on clients have reported shifts in the energy of the room half way throught the cleansing of the space. They tell me they can feel the negative energy moving out and things feeling more at ease in the space. They tell me they are able to reclaim their space and enjoy themselves once again.

     If you have any questions or would like to schedule a clearing you can call Sandra Richardson 610-998-2894 or e-mail her at

     It only costs $36.00 per (average) size room in a home. Office space will vary depending on size call for estimate.

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