Become a Sponsor

     I have been teaching several of these classes and workshops for over ten years. If you are ready to open, expand and bring more light into your life and help others at the same time, I believe the angels will bring us together. Through these workshops and classes it is possible to reconnect with your intuition and access the wisdom of your soul. Find the key to unlock a treasure chest full of suprises within yourself. Uncover the special gifts you have to offer to your family, friends and the world.

      It is an accelerated time of spiritual growth on this planet and we need to continue evolving as well as becoming more conscious and mindful of our thoughts and actions. More and more souls are looking for a connection to the Divine. Each of these workshops ane classes connects us to God. They help us open the channels to higher spiritual awareness connecting us to the Universal wisdom of healing giving us the potential to manifest our dreams.

     If you are interested in sponsoring any of the classes that I have available. I am currently offering Usui Reiki Levels I and II, as well as the Mastership Level, Pathways to the Soul Workshop, Learn How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities Workshop, and the Healing Angels Workshop. If you are interested in offering any of these classes or workshops in your community, place of worship or business you can contact me Sandra Richardson by phone at 610-998-2894 or by e-mail at

     You will have the benefit of attending any event that you host FREE of charge. A personalized flower essence formula, core soul essence and a half hour channeled reading will also be yours as a thank you for hosting any of the classes or workshops I have listed above.

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